Via Girolamo Bonazia, 7, 59100 Prato - Tel. +39 0574 633812 / Fax. +39 0574 631039 WEB DESIGNED BY TECNOBYTE Equipped with highly efficient and flexible production lines, Biagioli Industries is one of the most dynamic Italian companies in the sector. During the years, Industrie Biagioli has gradually has developed its commercial area so to realize a widespread sales network in 5 continents, composed of specialized and professional agents and distributors.   Industrie Biagioli was initially founded as a textile company, than the company began to diversify its production introducing the nonwoven textiles.With a production of over 10 million m2/year, since 1977 Industrie Biagioli is a leader in the field. The product areas in which the Company operates are the footwear, automotive, construction, fire protection and other sectors purely technical. P.Iva 00276270469