Via Girolamo Bonazia, 7, 59100 Prato - Tel. +39 0574 631038 / Fax. +39 0574 631039 Concerning this area, Industrie Biagioli spa offers a wide range of products for insole board for stitched shoes, in socks and vamp linings so to satisfy all the final requirements of the costumers. Ibisolex - Ibiflex Insole material for lasted, stitched and cemented shoes. Ibiline Non woven material for strobel stitched shoes. Ibitech Insole material for strobel stitched shoes. Ibifoam Non woven material with latex foam for sock-lining. Ibidry Water repellent and breathable non woven. Airo Thermoforming non woven material for insocks. Ibisafe Nail-proof midsole for safety shoes.